I was born in Colombia. Being obese (size 26) I managed to change my habits completely, I leanrt to eat more balanced stopping the yo-yo diets and understanding about nutrition and the functioning of the human body. I have 2 degrees; a BSc (human biology) and BSc Psychology.

I'm a qualified fitness instructor/personal trainer, Postural Stability Specialist (GP referals) and therapist, where I can support others to improve day to day living, get fit, lose weight,  release tension, prevention of injury, rehabilitation and general health; mainly trying to support and achieve their fitness/health goals.

I got an insight to change the experience of body, weight and balance, by tackling any unbalanced area.


I love to teach fitness classes. They are motivational, a great work out, fun and conducted in a friendly environment where people interact socially and get great results.


The Personal Training I offer is either one to one or in groups; supporting any specific need of my clients and more specifically help them designing and changing their lifestyle including eating habits and activity levels.


I Trained in Californian Massage at the age 14 assisting an osteopath and later qualified in Reiki 1 and 2 and with UK certificates of Swedish massage and sport massage in 2005 and since I have my own clinic or additionaly I offer a mobile service.

If you have concerns about your health  or being able to take part on any exercise please always consult your doctor first.

About me