Hula Hoop Classes


FITNESS Adult Hula Hoops for Sale £22 £15 children)

Hula hooping is a fun aerobic workout. Helps tone, shape your whole body and burn calories!  


Usually  the classes are divide into 4 stages.

• Hoop Go - Learn basic skills and practice old ones. Warm up

• Hoop Aerobic - Workout to burn calories while toning abs, legs, arms, gluts

• Hoop tricks - learn movements to tackle diferent part of body and be amazed!!!

• Hoop Fun - Various activities


No previous knowledge, any level skill, doesnt matter if you could never hoop before, I could never hoop as a child! Fitness adult hula hoops are provided during the classes. They are a lot easy to use specially design for the adult class.

I use fitness hoops which are specially designed for adults or children. They are handmade by me and are designed at your own requirement and specifications. They are bigger,  weighted and have a strong colourful tape which help with adherence when performing different tricks. Hoops are provided in the classes if required.


The price to buy is £22 each, can mix and match colours. Blue, pink, purple, yellow, green, orange, red. Are made to suit specific requirements. For adults (£22) and children (£12-15)


Can be order and posted


Children classes or combine family

Children hula hoops for sale, exhibitions. classes, workshops. Please contact me for details.




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