This is a fitness workout based on Joseph Pilates exercises originally used for rehabilitation.  This is based on slow, control, precise movements where the central of the body, the core is strengthened in order to allow the body to move in harmony and alignment.

Breathing is used to help control and coordinate the movement flow to achieve the perfect combination and result.

It is an amazing workout for everybody, as each exercise can be adapted to suit every person requirment and needs.


The Benefits

• Stregthen your core

• Stabilize the whole body,

• Help preventing injuries

• Rehabilitaion after injury


We have matts if needed, classes will use different equipment as bands, bender balls and weight ball for exta challenge and variation.


Do please consult your doctor if unsure if you can take part in exercise.


Redditch Golf course Monday 5:50 pm.

No booking needed. Any level, no experience required. Everybody welcome  £5